The Ashburn Project


Why the Ashburn Market?

The rapid expansion of Cloud-based services has increased the need for a robust and resilient infrastructure. Demand for these services is particularly strong in Northern Virginia due to its concentration of high-tech companies and governmental and research organizations. Over the past 25 years Ashburn has become the epicenter for the development of hyperscale data centers to meet the exponential growth in demand for cloud-based services. Moreover, Ashburn has become critical in supporting the global exchange of Internet traffic as the primary meeting point for national and global carriers. Currently, there are 26 million square feet of Data Center space with another 5 million in development.

Harbor Peak Ashburn Fiber Ring


The data centers in Ashburn require access to high speed, reliable fiber optic cable connectivity both locally and with the rest of the world. The growth in sub-sea cable systems landing in the mid-Atlantic region will spur further demand for connectivity to Ashburn. ​


Harbor Peak’s proposed 6.1 mile Ashburn Fiber Ring addresses the perceived need for increased fiber cable connectivity to and among the data centers in and around Ashburn. ​

Ashburn Fiber Ring